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A handful of Accepdance SWR115


About the music

Eastern Dance opens the very diversified music on the album. The original composition of Piotr combines two meters: 7/4 and 4/4.  This melodic gravity often used in Polish folk songs. Two melodic lines of electric and acoustic guitar are lively counterpointed by the accordion and supported by a strong rhythm section. The tune is full of collective drive and energy. It is introduced with a mysterious beginning that is led by Olegs fine Duduk playing.

Sitting lonesome in the tundra of northern Sweden feeling lonesome... Calabaza Is based on a joik Martininspired by this image. The leading melody turned out to have a 5/6/6 beat structure and is counterpointed by a rough bassline that is followed by the drums. In the improvisation the musicians pass on the magic power of the joik that increases with every new player. Because of Martin’s brandnew flamenco guitar the piece of the north has some Spanish flavours.

Brainspace was a ballade written by Martin about the fact that there is still a lot of empty space left in his brain. So maybe Andreas had the same feelings about this and transformed the piece by changing the rhythm, adding the pulsating sound of the spanner and giving the main theme to the double bass. For the collective it became a challenge to explore new spaces on an unknown ground all together.

The Sphinx lived west of Thebes. To Travelers, who passed the Sphingion, she always gave the same riddle. Those who could not solve the following mystery were strangled by her and then devoured. „What is it that has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?“ Andreas thinks that the unfortunates still had the grace of a last kiss, before they were killed by the Sphinx (Greek for "strangler"). As we know Oedipus was the one who solved the mystery and ... couldn’t get that kiss. The Kiss of the Sphinx.

The flow of the Polish river Tanew inspired Piotr to the melody of this piece. The river goes through the land with a lot of curves and is having some special small waterfalls. The same is reflected in the song with the melody rising up and going down through different keys. This also is interpreted by the band with the beautiful sound of acoustic instruments and soft dynamics.

It is obvious for whom Piotrrrr is written. There needed to be a little guitar battle in the accepdance idea between bluegrass dreadnought sound and rock inspired steel string guitar. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

Rien à dire means nothing to say. Sometimes you just don’t know what to say anymore or you think you cannot find the wright words.

This piece is about that.

A direct method to be put into Hypnosis (or trance) are uniform and soothing sounds or even pieces of music. Under hypnosis consciousness loses its dominant position and the ability to criticize is restricted and the unconscious becomes directly addressable. Traumatic, repressed, unsightly experiences can be made noticeable again. Listening to he track it seems that the band has some unsolved problems. At least Andreas wanted to find out.

Feeling free was first invented for solo guitar by Martin. In the quintet version, guitar, mandolin, accordeon, bass and drums are feeling free to dance together and having a party.

The closing piece Waltz no.1 is written by Piotr. Although the band plays it in acollective version in live performances it seems to be ideal for two guitars. Specially the combination of the nylon-string classical with the steel-string acoustic guitar is making a full, wide range of guitar sound. The tune is played in a very delicate way, with full cooperation and mutual understanding.