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Full Crimp

Beyond convention

Full Crimp has a mission to convey what matters most - authenticity.

Instead of trying to force innovation and modernism, we are working with what is already here and combining it into pieces of art that represent our most deeply embedded influences and believes.

Our music depicts a sense of playfulness and versatility, not taking ourselves too seriously surely helps with that. But don't take our word for it, listen for yourself!

Florian Reider // piano

Likes to tickle the ivories and strives to create musical excursions in his writing.

Florian Trio Shooting Alle Bilder (22 von 50).jpg

Silas Isenmann // drums

Bringing the energy into the game with his creative and playful approach to Jazz drumming.

Florian Trio Shooting Alle Bilder (21 von 50).jpg

Lukas Florian // bass

Back bone of the trio, hence responsible for all things involving discipline, musical common sense and reason.

Florian Trio Shooting Alle Bilder (20 von 50).jpg